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Auditing Documents and Transaction Support

Nowadays almost everybody from time to time visits a legal clinic. One of the directions of Nove BTI company is provision of professional legal advice on real estate registration in Odessa. 

Legal support of transactions involving real estate is needed because of a great number of hidden pitfalls as regards registration of realty as well as by inventive faculties and sophistication of swindlers who specialize in this field. Therefore, legal advice is at hand just at the initial stage of the transaction as nobody likes to lose his or her time, money and, above all the very subject of the transaction. 

What does audit of documents mean? 

Audit of documents is a check for their compliance with the effective legislation. The audit (or expert review) means elimination of deficiencies and errors, minimization of costs and detection of potential damages and other negative consequences. Audit of documents includes a primary legal consultation on various legal issued connected with the real estate registration in Odessa and Odessa Region.

Audit of documents includes the following steps:

  • elimination of errors in the documents;
  • legal advice concerning appraisal of possible risks inherent in the transaction;
  • analysis of the contracts;
  • check of possible burdening of the real estate;
  • legal consulting ad development of the real estate registration schemes.

Legal services in Odessa pertaining to real estate transactions 

Nowadays legal advice plays an important role when making real estate transactions. It is not so simple to find free of charge and face-to-face legal advice in Odessa. You can always get a free consulting of our company lawyers. Great practical experience gained by our specialists in the sphere of town-planning legislation allows us of supporting real estate transactions at a high professional level. 

All of this just focuses our attention not on all spheres of the law but on this one in particular. When giving our legal advice we focus our efforts at being the best in our trade.

Real estate support by the specialists of Nove BTI company includes:

  • consulting on land matters;
  • legal advice on making technical inventory and design;
  • legal advice on registration of the residential and commercial real estate.

If required, you might access our website and get our lawyers advice as a feedback or call us by phone.

Nove BTI experience enables us to provide the client with a reliable information concerning the legal status of his or her documents and give the client a right of option: to correct matters independently or attract specialists to fix the matter.

Periods and fees:

Depend on the clients requirements and a complexity of the performed work.

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Auditing Documents and Transaction Support

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