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Claiming an Inheritance

Practically everything can be inherited: real estate, a car, securities, various things, etc. At that, testamentary succession or hereditary succession includes a transfer of not only the rights to the item of inheritance from the testator to the heirs but also the obligations. So, if a car is on credit, then, on the death of the testator hi/her obligations to the bank will be transferred upon the heirs who have come into inheritance.

However not many people know all nuances associated with the claiming of inheritance. If an application about acceptance of the inheritance after the testators death has been filed untimely, the heirs might lose the fortune.

Assistance in claiming the inherited apartment or the house 

For instance, in Odessa the heirs of the deceased testator may, quite often, live in the apartment having no title to it. If that is the case, the title to the inherited object (particularly if it a realty) may be transferred to more enterprising second in line heirs or swindlers.  Then it will be necessary to confirm the right to inherit (whether it is apartment, car or land) in court.  

In case of inheriting real estate, it is required to collect additional documents. The procedure of getting the title to land, house or apartment under the will or by legal succession in certain cases is rather complicated.

Quite frequently no problems arise when one inherits a car or other thing. However, if it is, for example, a country estate, i.e., the inherited land or house that are located not in Odessa but in the rural area, it might be difficult to re-issue the documents within the legally established period. 

Assistance in claiming inheritance in Odessa

Coming into the inherited apartment, house, land or other property takes plenty of your time. You might also get in a deadlock and not know what to do further. We shall assist you to come into inheritance and become a lawful owner of the property that was inherited to you either under a will or by legal succession.

Nove BTI company provides:

  • advice on the matters connected with claiming inheritance and determination of the tax amount to be paid at inheritance, 
  • assistance in re-issuance of lost documents,
  • services associated with preparation of the missing documents in order to come into inheritance of an apartment, car, land, house, etc. 

Costs associated with a turnkey coming into inheritance

The heirs always ask: "What the costs of coming into inheritance depend on? The cost of the procedure performed by a notary depends on the degree of kinship of the heir and the testator, on their status (resident or non-resident) as well as on the value of the property in question. The prices for such services differ with various notary offices. 

Prices of our services connected with preparation of the missing documents are negotiated in advance and are stipulated in the contract. We consider each case individually. Accordingly, the more stages are needed, the higher the turnkey service price for preparation of the documents will be.


Depend on the amount of work.

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Claiming an Inheritance

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