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Development of Rough Designs and Detail Projects

Designing is the most demanding stage of the entire construction process and reflects join efforts of the designer and the client. Sometimes, design of a house begins before the appropriate land site for the house was found.

Designing houses in Odessa means a complicated process that includes not only creative potential of an architect but also accurate analysis. Professional design of houses makes it possible to invest minimum funds and get the maximum economic benefit. 

Outline plan of a house is the initial stage of design that presents the completed idea of the client. Development of the Outline plan is a creative and very important part of the work.  An outline plan of a house makes the basis for issuing permits for construction, re-planning, reconstruction, etc. An outline of a house is presented in kind of rough illustrations that reveal the planning, stylistic and three-dimensional spatial concepts. 

Outline plan enables to formulate exact requirements to the detailed project which, in its turn, presents a more detailed plan and is a document that makes the basis for the beginning of construction.

Projects of private houses. Modern projects of houses in Odessa 

Modern house projects are based on high standards of comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Impressive versatility of construction materials, colour schemes, affordable planning forms and architectural styles all these are the features of modern private house projects. Architects of Nove BTI develop modern house projects with due account of all your requirements. 

Modern projects of private houses developed by Nove BTI company combine:

  • creative solutions,
  • advanced engineering developments,
  • design of houses with the use of innovative technologies.

We offer a customized design in Odessa 

Design of individual houses is in demand in Odessa for several past years. There exist a plenty of ready-made modern house projects but the may not meet the demanding client requirements who has his own formulated ideas about the house of his dreams. At clients option the design department of Nove BTI develops customized projects of private houses.  

Outline plan of the house and the detailed project are developed according to a certain procedure. When doing it, our experts: 

  1. Accept clients preferences.
  2. Collect additional information and prepare the preliminary sketches of the intended house. 
  3. Develop the final outline plan of the house (or detailed project).

Design department of Nove BTI creates modern projects of houses, buildings and various types of real estate facilities in Odessa, including the private house designs and public and commercial buildings. 

Periods and fees:

Depend on a complexity of the performed work.


  • Outline architectural project
  • Detailed architectural project.

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Development of Rough Designs and Detail Projects

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