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Expert Appraisal of Real Estate

It is quite often that one needs to appraise the value of residential houses and non-residential premises in Odessa because the price of 1 sq.m. is a market value and is very flexible. Independent expert appraisal is necessary for making a correct decision when transacting, e.g., purchase or sell, coming into inheritance or mortgage lending. Odessa is one of the leaders among the cities of Ukraine according to the number of such transactions. 

Independent expert appraisal of real estate

The value of a real estate item is accomplished with the aid of an expert appraisal in order to know its real market value. Such appraisal allows of concluding civil transactions with real estate and pay taxes and obligatory charges when making such transactions. 

When one alienates property, the effective legislation demands that the tax and other obligatory charges are paid, and the amounts of such payments directly depend on the appraised (market) value of the real estate in accordance with the independent expert appraisal. 

Independent appraisal of a house

Market value means the approximate price of selling property at a given period of time in the competitive environment. The actual market value is determined by the valuer in the course of the appraisal. Independent appraisal can be made by a qualified expert who has the appropriate certificate only.

Independent expert appraisal can be made with relation to the following real estate items: residential house, apartment, non-residential buildings, facilities, land sites and other objects.

What are the cases when the independent expert appraisal of the residential and commercial real estate is obligatory?

Most often the independent appraisal to determine the value is obligatory when:

  • property is transferred in trust;
  • property is leased;
  • sale and purchase transaction is made;
  • it is required to insure property;
  • mortgage credit is required;
  • it is required to come into inheritance;
  • the real estate objects are contributed to the authorized capital of an enterprise. 

Expert appraisal of an apartment and a house in Odessa

Real estate facilities, particularly apartments and detached residential houses, are appraised according to special rules. The market value of the facility directly depends on the house conditions: location. Area, planning, developed infrastructure of the district, external appearance of the house and even a scene from the window. It is also important whether there are burdening of the facility: in the absence of burdening the market value of an apartment, house or land site will be higher. 

An apartment is appraised in accordance with the general condition of the building where it is located. Odessa partially consists of the houses built in the 19th and 20th centuries, accordingly the value of real estate here will be higher. Also, if an apartment or a house needs repairs, it may increase their value.  

An apartment or a house is appraised according to new rules as of February 1, 2014. Our company appraises houses and facilities in accordance with new standards. Our sphere of competence is Odessa and Odessa Region.

Independent expert appraisal of the residential and commercial property in Odessa is accomplished by the specialists of Nove BTI on the basis of the contract with a client wherein the periods and payment procedure are indicated. The expert appraisal is finalized by a report that is in full force and effect for all participants of the transactions and users of the report. 

Periods and fees:

Depend on a facility.


Report on expert valuation of the facility.

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Expert Appraisal of Real Estate

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