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Legalization of Garage

Due to the constant increase in the number of cars garage is an attractive view of real estate for the citizens. Odessa is famous for a large number of motorists and not all of them are ready to leave their vehicles to fend for themselves in the yard. Therefore, many citizens there is a need to install a garage.

Making the garage to the property

Making a garage in the property can start after you are holding have permission to install it. The absence of a duly executed authorization to a garage makes it possible to attack a variety of adverse effects. Everyone has heard of cases of demolition of garages, the owners of which have not secured their time in the property.

How to legalize a garage in Odessa?

We often wonder: how to legitimize the garage in the yard or how to get permission to build a garage? Depending on the situation, there are different design options.

Legitimize the garage in the yard of an apartment building

When legalizing a garage, we make the following steps:

  1. Act on your behalf so as to agree a possibility of putting up a garage at a certain land site with the district administration.  
  2. Obtain a resolution of the district administration regarding placement of the garage (it makes the basis for concluding a rental contract with the local housing office; then the garage can be used). 

Legalize garage in private households

Making a garage in a private home ownership occurs in analogy to design an extension or new construction, taking into account that must be available documents proving ownership of the land and home.
Thus with the help of specialists to legitimize BTI new garage pretty easy because execution of all documents takes place by proxy.

What is the cost of legalization of the garage?

The cost of the legalization of the garage may vary. Price and terms depend on the scope of work, if there is permission to build or not. But in most cases, our cost is typically lower than in other such companies. In this case, the price and terms of the end result necessarily pre-agreed and specified in the contract for the provision of services.


1,5 months.


The price depends on the performed work.


  • Instructions of the District Administration permitting to set up a garage.
You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Legalization of Garage

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