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Legalization of Re-planning/Reconstruction

When planning changes of a real estate facility it is always advisable to preliminary discuss it with a specialist. However, in the real world the situation is such that plenty of owners of the residential and commercial realty decide to commence construction works without a permit or they rely on legalization at a later date.  

In order to legalize a new planning one may need more time than he expected, and Odessa is no an exception in that respect. That is why many people consider that it is easier to execute, first, all construction steps and register all changes afterwards. However, one should not forget that the unauthorized re-planning or reconstruction made without the issued permit entails administrative liability and, sometimes, even criminal liability.

Legalization of re-planning of an apartment/house

Legalization (registration) of re-planning/reconstruction of an apartment or a house is required so that the documents pertaining to real estate correspond to reality. A change of location or removal of partitions inside the premises may impact the designation of the residential and auxiliary areas of an apartment or a house which leads to a discrepancy. If re-planning or reconstruction is not properly documented, then it is prohibited to make transactions involving such real estate. 

You can inquire if re-planning in the apartment or the house was not authorized by ordering the technical specifications to the facility. The technical specifications contain a note whether the construction actions in question were authorized or not. Also, if the price of the house or premises is comparatively low and no technical specifications are available, one should beware latent surprises in future.

Legalization includes several stages. In accordance with the regulations it is necessary, first, to obtain a permit for making construction works and then the facility is to be commissioned.  The owners who have properly documented the reconstruction are ultimately issued a certificate of title. 

How to get a permit for reconstruction in Odessa or legalize the re-planned apartment or a house? 

Specialists of Nove BTI company will assist you to legalize the re-planned house. Exact procedure of the steps made by our specialists at registration of the residential and non-residential realty in Odessa and Odessa Region will save you a huge amount of time.

It is the owner only who is entitled to decide whether to obtain all required permits in advance or legalize everything upon the end of construction works. Nove BTI company assists in the course of legalization as one of our leading activities is preparation of documents related to real estate in Odessa and the region.

Legalization of re-planning/reconstruction of an apartment/house by the specialists of Nove BTI includes the following stages:

  1. Development of the urban land development plan (in case the geometric parameters change). 
  2. Getting the urban planning specifications and constraints from the Architectural and Urban Planning Administration (in case the geometric parameters change).
  3. Development of the project.
  4. Conclusion of contracts for construction design supervision and on-site construction supervision. 
  5. Submission and registration of the declaration of construction works commencement to the Department of State arhitekrutno and Construction Inspection of Ukraine in the Odessa region (83 Kanatnaya St., Odessa).
  6. Preparation of the technical specifications.
  7. Submission and registration of the declaration of readiness of the facility for operation to the Department of State arhitekrutno and Construction Inspection of Ukraine in the Odessa region.
  8. Receipt and registration of the certificate of title from the State Registration Service (10a Staritskogo St., Odessa). 

There are instance when re-planning is not to be legalized. These instances are described in detail in the Instructions on the technical inventory procedure, and no permits are required in such instances.  


From 1 to 1.5 months.


The price depends on the performed work. Each case is individual, so the more stages the registration (legalization) process includes, the higher is the price of the service. The price scale is also influenced by the parameters of the facility in question. Many years experience of Nove BTI company in the real estate documentation market allows us of setting acceptable prices for our registration services. 


  • Certificate of title
  • Extract from the Real Estate Title Register
  • Technical specifications for a real estate facility

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Legalization of Re-planning/Reconstruction

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