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Preparation of Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for real estate

Technical specifications for real estate is a document which indicates the dimensions and contains notes on alterations of buildings and premises by the results of such a procedure as technical inventory. In its turn, the technical inventory means a set of works on surveying and measuring of a building or premises in order to determine their condition and input the obtained data in a special form. 

An engineer of the Technical Inventory Bureau should make a note on unauthorized re-planning in the technical specifications, i.e., reflect all changes that have been made without the obtained permit. In accordance with the Instructions on the technical inventory of real estate dated July 10, 2001, No.582/5773, as of January 2013 the technical specifications for real estate items can be prepared not only by the municipal technical inventory bureaus but also other business entities that employ certified specialists.

The ordered technical specifications are to be affixed with the seal of an enterprise. 

Technical inventory of real estate

Technical inventory of real estate is accomplished by engineers who possess qualification certificates of the established form. Technical specifications can be issued for the entire building or for its individual parts. 

When the technical inventory is obligatory? 

It is required to prepare the technical specifications when one registers a new building, and legalizes a re-planning or reconstruction already made, comes into inheritance, privatises real estate items, separates (divides) property found in common ownership and prior to the state registration of title for unfinished construction, etc. Technical inventory is in-demand procedure when making transactions with real estate in Odessa. Quite often one of the parties may request to have it done when concluding a transaction. In other cases it is possible to order the technical inventory if you wish so.

Technical specifications for an apartment

Many people consider that a reconstruction can be legalized by just ordering the technical inventory, however it is not so. The technical specifications reflect the actual condition of the facility, and are not a document of title for real estate it is just an information and reference document made by the clients order. An absence of the technical specifications does not deprive you of the proprietorship for your apartment or house.

Having done a reconstruction without making the technical inventory, you cannot get a document authorizing commissioning of the facility from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine (its Odessa branch is located at the address: 83 Kanatnaya St., Odessa). As a consequence, you will not get the certificate of title for a house or any other facility from the Registration Service 10a Staritskogo St., Odessa).  After making the technical specifications for an apartment in a new building, it is possible to submit a set of documents in order to fix the title for real estate.

How to order the technical specifications for an apartment or house in Odessa?

Nove BTI company provides services in preparation and renovation of technical specifications for real estate facilities, both residential and non-residential, in Odessa. If you need to get the technical specifications for an apartment, house or non-residential premises, we can make it at the shortest time possible. 

You may easily order and obtain the technical specifications for an apartment, house or other facility in our office. We conclude a service provision contract with each client who orders us prepare the technical specifications. The required document will be done in a less than two weeks. 

Preparation of the technical specifications is done as follows: 

  1. An expert of Nove BTI visits your facility.
  2. Necessary measurements are made.
  3. The obtained data is reflected in the technical specifications.


From 2 to 14 days.


Depend on a facility.


Technical specifications.

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Preparation of Technical Specifications

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