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Privatization of Apartments, Attics and Cellars

Privatization is a free transfer of state property to individuals. Having privatized the premises, you become its rightful owner. Should an apartment was not privatized it cannot be sold, gifted, exchanged, etc.  As the market value of real estate in Odessa increased recently, it became essential to privatize utility spaces of a building (attic, cellar, etc.) of which there are many in Odessa. For example, an attic can be upgraded to a mansard, which is cheaper than to buy new floor area. 

Peculiarities of the privatization process in Ukraine 

Any apartment in Ukraine can be privatized based upon each citizens right to register the state housing he lives in private ownership. Many apartment occupiers have already re-registered the housing documents, and Odessa keeps apace with other cities. 
Since 2013 the housing (apartment or house) is registered in accordance with new rules. Now the certificate of title is to be registered not with the municipal technical inventory bureau but with the State Registration Service (10a, Staritskogo St., Odessa). 

Privatization of attics and cellars

Though privatization of private housing is more or less regulated by the state, privatization of an attic and cellars is accompanied with bureaucracy because of the absence of the legally established procedure. If a house is an architectural monument, any repair works can be made in cooperation with an architect.
Buyout of an attic from the municipal ownership in Odessa is rather complicated and necessitates getting consent of the neighbours. This is o because the housing owners in multi-floor buildings are co-owners of the auxiliary spaces of the building which are transferred to tenants of all the building.
Similarly, if an apartment whereto an auxiliary space is to be attached has not been privatized, its owner should, first, register commissioning of the space to be privatized. Here you cannot do without assistance and advice of experts. 

Do you need aid in registration?

Within the frame of our privatization service with respect of private housing, attics and cellars, Nove BTI renders legal aid in registration of title. With the aid of our experts you may register: 
  • apartments in a cooperative buyilding;
  • attics and cellars.

How much does your aid in privatization of an apartment or attic in Odessa cost?

One often asks such a question: "How much does the legal aid to register housing cost? or How much does it cost to privatize an attic or cellar. The cost depends on the area of such realty space. Also, when determining the cost, such factors are important as the house status and the location of the house. Accordingly, the cost of a mansard registration in the centre of Odessa will be higher. It is possible to preliminary calculate the buyout cost of a cellar having known its appraised value.


Depend on the available documents.


  • 2 weeks registration of an apartment in a cooperative building;
  • 6 months registration of an attic or cellar spaces.


Document of title or registration of the title.
You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Privatization of Apartments, Attics and Cellars

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