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Title to Land Assistance in Registration

New procedure of land site registration in Odessa 

Since 2013 the title to land is registered in compliance with new rules. Instead of a traditional state certificate of title a new document is issued that confirms the title to land site, namely the certificate of ownership rights. Registration of a land site, whether it is privatisation of a land site or getting a cadastre number (in case the owner possess an old state certificate of title), is accomplished now by applying to the cadastre registrar of the local State Land Agency. Then the data is input in the Single State Register of Proprietary Interest in Property (State Register). 

However, such a document as the state certificate of title for land is not cancelled and remains an entitling document for those owners who executed the title documents on the basis of the first allocation, e.g., by a resolution of the executive authority or otherwise.   

Registration of a land site in ownership is an important act which should not to be neglected. Such registration is obligatory because the title in Ukraine arises upon its registration because one may not dispose of land in the absence of the registered title. 

Land site registration procedure 

Where to start the land site registration process? Nowadays, registration of land sites in Ukraine, in particular in Odessa, is actually made in two stages. The first stage deals with the development of the land use planning documents to be prepared by a specialized body while the second stage is associated with the registration of the land site with the State Land Agency and with the Registration Service bodies. The title to land is certified by the extract from the State Register.

Amendments in the legislation prescribe that the title to land arises upon registration of such rights by the state only. The registration procedure according to the new rules is considered completed only upon getting an extract from the State Register, which enables to carry out various civil transactions, viz. lease, etc. (part 9, Art.79.1 of the Land Code of Ukraine). 

Still, in case the title to land originated before January 1, 2013 it is held valid even in the absence of the state registration. 

As a matter of practice, our specialists register a land site in Odessa and Odessa Region by doing the following:

  • legal analysis of documents, their preparation and submission for the state registration of title;
  • payment of all official charges;
  • acting on your behalf in the Registration Service on the basis of the power of attorney; 
  • advice on the registration procedure.

Periods and fees:

These depend on the available documents and the current state of affairs.


  • Certificate of title to a real estate
  • Extract from the Register of Rights to Real Estate. 

You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Title to Land Assistance in Registration

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