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Title to Real Estate

It is an open secret that the title to real estate means a possibility to own, use and dispose of real estate to the full extent. However, not all know that the title should be obligatorily registered.  

Registration of the title to a house

Registration of title to real estate is an important step which should not be neglected. Registration of title to real estate is a proof that it is you, not other person, who owns the premises (house or apartment) at a given time. For instance, the available notarized certificate of title to an apartment or of a purchase and sale contract does not fix your right of ownership to the apartment. 
Registration means the entry made by the state registrar in the electronic register that confirms that the right or ownership of the real estate belongs to a particular person. 

It is possible to register the document of title in the following cases:

  • after commissioning of the completely constructed facility;
  • after concluding the transaction at the notary office (gift, exchange, etc.);
  • after the court award comes into force;
  • in case of available technical specifications for a house which construction is not finished.

Registration of title to real estate

Since 2013 registration of real estate is executed in compliance with new rules. Now the documents can be prepared at the State Registration Service at the address: 10a Staritskogo St., Odessa. The documents for an apartment in a new building, of which there many in Odessa now, can be prepared after making the general technical specifications for a building and the technical specifications for an apartment. The documents can be obtained also for a house which is not finished yet.
Entry of data in the State Register is an obligatory step when preparing documents for residence, land site, etc. It is important that the persons who formally established their title to real estate before 2013 do not need to re-register it in the new register. 

Registration of title to an apartment

Nove BTI company makes an all-inclusive registration of title documents for residential and commercial realty in Odessa and Odessa Region. Our practical assistance in registering the documents includes the following services:
  • legal analysis of documents, their preparation and submission for state registration of title to housing and commercial premises; 
  • payment of all official charges;
  • acting on your behalf by means of a power of attorney with the registration service; 
  • consulting on document registration issues.

Why it is particularly important to register the housing documents?

The registered housing documents protect you from offences against your house which frequently occur in Odessa now. Therefore it is not advisable to neglect it. 

Periods and fees:

Depend on the available documents and the current state of affairs.


  • Certificate of title
  • Extract from the Real Estate Title Register.
You can order this service or put a question by calling: (048) 777-11-11

Terms and cost

Depend on the existing documentation and the current state of affairs.

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Title to Real Estate

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