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Registration of ownership of real estate

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Transfer of an apartment to a non-residential fund

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Registration of unauthorized construction

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Division / consolidation of real estate objects

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Technical inventory of real estate objects

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Privatization / redemption of land

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Guarantees in cooperation with us:

  • We conclude the contract with the client, in which we prescribe terms and cost.
  • Representation of interests is carried out on the basis of a power of attorney.
  • Step-by-step calculation as the work is completed.
  • Only legal, working schemes for obtaining documents.
  • We provide recommendations if necessary.

The official site of the company contains basic information about the services of our company. On the official website of the company you can ask questions about the design, order a phone call, And within a working day we will call you back. The official site contains links to our pages on social networks. On the site you can leave a feedback about the work done by us.

Welcome to the official website of New BTI.

Our company conducts its activities in the field of registration of property rights for real estate in Odessa and the region. The new BTI (New Bureau of Technical Inventory) is an officially registered limited liability company.

The company New BTI (Odessa) is not just a technical inventory bureau. We provide services for registration of real estate in the complex. Unlike the communal BTI, the specialists of our technical bureau

Inventory assist in the preparation of documents for residential and commercial real estate in Odessa and the region, and has its own design department, which is engaged in the development and manufacture of projects of buildings and structures and also in the development of interior design.
In the New Bureau, technical inventories are carried out by certified engineers. Orientation to customer needs allows our office to conduct technical inventory in the shortest possible time.


Tax Calculator

Estimating the estimated amount of costs, for registration Contracts of sale and purchase, gift of a property Or registration of the inheritance.


Years of work for the result


title documents executed


technical specifications prepared

"We do not strive to be specialists in all branches of law and to provide the largest possible number of services. On the contrary, we have found our niche and focus our efforts on always remaining the best in our direction."

Dmitry Loza,
Director of New BTI

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 The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine plans to amend the legislation to issue paper certificates of ownership of real estate. This statement is conditioned by the desire of citizens to receive paper documents familiar to them. 


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