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Useful articles


When acquiring a land plot planned for development, many people are faced with a lack of knowledge of the list of documents required for construction. One of the documents is a construction passport - a simplified project for the construction of cap...


 The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine plans to amend the legislation to issue paper certificates of ownership of real estate. This statement is conditioned by the desire of citizens to receive paper documents familiar to them. 


A smart home is an economical, eco-friendly and safe type of new generation housing. Not so long ago, smart home technologies were available only to people with a high level of prosperity, but today more and more elements of this type of real estate ...


Investments in housing under construction have always been associated with a greater risk for Ukrainian citizens - more than once our compatriots were deceived by unscrupulous developers who did not complete their projects in the field of housing con...


A common mistake tenants - ignoring the personal qualities of the landlord. Of course, the quality of the housing provided, the cost of renting it, the availability of home appliances and a comfortable area are no less important aspects of choosing a...


Information agencies are no longer a new way of fraud in real estate at the moment. Such companies are engaged in the rental sector, in particular - on tenants, that is, people who are looking for suitable options for renting an apartment. If you hav...


How often do you lack the motivation for a long overdue repair in the apartment? To get rid of laziness and fear of a grand event in the life of each family - repair - will help a consistent and reasonable approach to all stages of this event. And th...


Many residents of big cities have already appreciated the benefits of a bike - the ability to pass any traffic jams and health benefits often outweigh the comfort of the car in the warm seasons of the year. But before buying a two-wheeled transport, ...


Few of us can boast of an apartment or a home that has enough space for all the necessary things. In fact, even in a small-sized apartment, there is plenty of room for everything that we need - just right to organize the space for storage and conveni...


Lviv is a great holiday destination. The reputation of the tourist center of western Ukraine has become a city of Leo for a long time, and now it only strengthens the position. But do Ukrainians hang out for a rest in this city? Let's consider in det...


Odessa remains a resort city for many Ukrainians. Confirmation of this is not only overcrowded beaches, but also data realtors on demand and offers on the rental market of real estate. Let's find out what "what" in Odessa in the summer season of 2016...


When it comes to the architecture of public buildings, the imagination of designers and architects is often able to surprise people far from real estate design. Here, symbolism is interwoven with practicality, and the flight of thought - with strict ...


In the kitchen, we not only cook and eat, but also spend most of our free time. Therefore, this room should be comfortable and beautiful. Unfortunately, not everyone can think through the correct design of the kitchen premise on their own, and it is ...


The "Future Projects Awards 2016" competition is designed for architectural projects that are only to be implemented in the future. The contestants presented works in the most diverse categories of public construction. Let's look at the winners' work...


Buying an apartment is a responsible and important step in the life of each person. If the apartment you are buying is in a new building, then some moments are additional complexity. Let's consider 5 consecutive steps, which must pass each buyer apar...