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Each enterprise, which has achieved specific success in its sphere of activity, begins to ask the question: in what other way is it possible to develop its activity? We are at such stage in particular at present. If you want to make business or wish to work under the brand, which is famous, unique and recognized in entire Ukraine, the franchise from the company Nove BTI is exactly what you need!

Franchise from the company Nove BTI is:

  1. Exclusive right to work under the registered trademark Nove BTI at the territory of specific region.
  2. Possibility to resale the franchise in the given sphere, bearing responsibility for the results of its operation.
  3. Advantage of using a uniform brand, which is leading in the Ukrainian market.
  4. Coverage of multiple consumer groups with the help of various client programs.
  5. Established technologies of business operations with regard to our own experience.
  6. Flexible financial conditions.
  7. Assistance in solving technical problems, counting errors, as well as in the issues of business operations.
  8. Connection to the unified customer accounting system.

Name of the franchise:

Nove BTI

Country of origin:


Region of development:


Scope of activity:

Technical inventory of non-movable assets and legal services in the sphere of construction. Registration of title for real estate.

Basic groups of services:

  • Technical inventory
  • Architectural design
  • Receipt of authorization documents for construction
  • Commissioning of objects
  • Examination of buildings and facilities
  • Assistance in all issues, which pertain to the real estate registration.

Residential areas of Ukraine, in which the objects of Nove BTI Company are represented:

  • Odessa
  • Kominternovo, Odessa Region
  • Ivanovka, Odessa Region.

Number of own objects of Nove BTI Company (currently):


Number of the franchise objects of Nove BTI Company (currently):


Lump sum (cost of franchise):

from 3000 USD

Sum of investments:

from 1500 USD

Requirements to office premises:

from 30 sq.m.

Royalty (monthly payment):

from 500 USD


Since 2010 Nove BTI Company has successfully provided legal services in the sphere of construction and registration of title for real estate, as well as in the sphere of the technical inventory of real estate objects since 2013.

The company provides not only legal assistance on the issues, related to obtaining the authorization documents for construction and commissioning of objects. Manufacturing of the technical certificates for real estate objects of all difficulty categories, architectural design, issuance of conclusions on the technical state of buildings and facilities all that forms part of Nove BTI scope of activities.

Commitment to the execution of work, along with the legal schemes of documents receipt, has formed the reputation of reliable contractor in the eyes of potential clients. The main mission of the company consists in facilitating the success of its clients by providing services package in the sphere of real estate design and registration.

At present Nove BTI Company is in the process of active development and expansion within the territory of Ukraine due to opening new branches. We are already successfully doing our business in Odessa and Odessa Region. We are open for cooperation under the conditions of franchise for all interested businessmen.

By choosing the franchise of Nove BTI Company you obtain the right to work under a sole brand, widely known throughout Ukraine, which has gained a positive business reputation over the years of its existence. You will receive a possibility to develop together with the experts, who have implemented many business projects.


Nove BTI Company offers to build up a successful business in the sphere of real estate objects technical inventory to its business partners by virtue of franchise agreement, and in particular: open an office, working for the trademark Nove BTI We also provide our franchisees with a possibility to enter into sub-franchise agreements (master use license).

The lump sum includes:

  1. Personnel training.
  2. Right to be hosted at the integrated website of Nove BTI Company (which is constantly promoted with the use of SEO (search engine optimizer)).
  3. Development business plan.
  4. Advantage of using one brand, which is leading at the Ukrainian market.
  5. Possibility to obtain an expert advice from the Chairman of BTI Association.

Full franchise package includes:

  • right to use the logo of trademark Nove BTI and the architecture of NOVE BTI trademark brand;
  • constant promotional and marketing support of partners.
  • specifically described marketing strategy at the services market of your region, a set of measures on the trademark NOVE BTI services and advantages integration into the minds of consumers;
  • possibility to use the production capacities of franchiser;
  • provision of a regulatory environment for your financial and economic activity;
  • transfer of business operations technologies;
  • access to the unified customers accounting system;
  • recommendations on choosing an office premise, as well as on the issues of staff recruitment.

Requirements to a potential franchisee:

  • active stand in life, business-oriented mindset, desire to work and develop;
  • strict adherence to all corporate standards of Nove BTI Company;
  • availability of the necessary investments sum;
  • development of branches by the street;
  • intention to establish long-term relations;
  • work experience in BTI (Technical Inventory Bureau) and other types of business, related to real estate, would be an asset.


  1. Preliminary negotiations on cooperation conditions and the assessment of parties interest.
  2. Discussion and signing of a franchising agreement.
  3. Lump sum payment.
  4. Provision of the franchisee with a package of documents for his business commencement.
  5. Training of the franchisee or its representative (training of its experts, if necessary).

Call us the number (048) 777-11-11 on the question of franchise acquisition